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George R. Davis -- 400 N. Madison, Pasadena

Born in Huntsville, Ohio, George Davis (b.1861) obtained a law degree and settled in Tucson, Arizona Territory. By 1895 he was married to Katharine Scovil, with children George Russell, Jr. (b. 1891) and Florence (b. 1896), and appointed to the supreme court of Arizona. Re-appointed in 1901 by Pres. Roosevelt, he served until re-settling in California permanently in 1905. He practiced law until 1909, meeting those in Southern California politics along the way. One of those he met was William H. Vedder, former mayor of Pasadena, and in 1907 Davis purchased the Vedder home at 400 N. Madison, which was chronicled in this blog back in early 2011.

400 N. Madison under ownership of W. H. Vedder (ca. 1906)
In 1910 the census showed George and Katharine living in the house, as well as George, Jr. and Florence. Joining them were two more siblings, Frances (b. 1901 CA), and Helen (b. 1903, CA) along with Florence's father and a maid named Ida.

In 1909 George was appointed to the Superior Court Bench of Los Angeles County, which was followed by his election to the post in 1910.  He continued as a judge for the next 20 years.

The house under the ownership of George & Katharine Davis (ca. 1909)
The family remained in the house through George's passing in 1932-1933 timeframe. California voter rolls in 1934 show Katharine, George Jr., along with daughter Frances living in the house. By 1940 Katharine remained but was then living with her two older unmarried sisters, Josephine and Jessie Scovil.

Katharine died in 1943. The property, large and centrally located, was redone with twin apartments, which are there today.

Today at 400 N. Madison (courtesy of Google Maps)
While there is another instance of the same house in different editions of the original book used for this blog, this one is unusual as BOTH men are listed in the same edition.

A photo of George in 1910

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