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William G. Nevin -- 700 South Garland

This next house really points out how much Los Angeles has grown in the last 100 years. Today's corner of Garland and 7th Street looks like this:

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Tall commercial buildings abound, with no residences in sight.

But back in 1900 when the Nevin family had recently moved in to their new home, the neighborhood was quite different. William G. Nevin (1855-1902) was General Manager of the Santa Fe railroad, appointed in 1897 after a tour in Chicago as Purchasing Manager for the company, capping a long career in railroading.  In the house in 1900 were his wife Ella (b. 1854), son William (b. 1881), and daughter Helen (b. 1889). Back then the southeast corner of the intersection looked like this:

700 S. Garland in 1906
Nevin in 1901*
Along with railroading, William (both father and son) invested in L.A. real estate.  The Nevin tract located near 23rd St. and Gramercy was their offering.  Son William and his family lived on a parcel in the tract through the 1920's at 2270 W. 23rd St.

Unfortunately in 1902 at age 47, William Sr. had a heart attack at his home and died the next day.  His burial location is not currently known. Wife Ella remained in the house well past 1910.

*As printed in Men of the Pacific Coast, 1902 (copy at

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