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Lloyd C. Haynes -- 217 Pine Avenue

Born in New York, Lloyd Haynes (1862-1924) was a man who seemed to try a lot of different businesses. As a teenager he worked in merchandise brokerage, followed by a journey through the Pennsylvania oil fields for four years. Then in 1885 he went into the tailor business, opening several stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. In 1890 he met and married Dora L. Mayer (1864-1949) in Olean, New York, where they became parents of their only child Henry Lewis Haynes (b.1894), who went by H. Lewis.

In 1898 Lloyd ventured to the Alaskan gold fields for two years, then sold those holdings to return to New York and begin in the bond business, under the name of Manhattan Securities. In that business, he found many stocks and bonds were being written on western assets, including the Haynes Copper Mine (relationship unknown) near Jerome, Arizona, so in 1907 he moved the family to Los Angeles, along with relocating headquarters for Manhattan Securities.

Upon his arrival, Lloyd quickly made local headlines with the announcement that he was buying the Howells mines in Yavapai County, Arizona for $100,000 cash. The article goes on to describe multiple ore assays implying the properties are loaded with gold.

In 1908 architect Frank M. Tyler, known for multiple residence designs in Los Angeles, announced the building of a new residence for Mrs. L.C. Haynes, to be located at 217 Pine Avenue in Hollywood. Our photo was taken shortly after its completion, judging by the landscaping.

217 Pine Ave. Architect: Frank M. Tyler

In addition to his securities business, Lloyd started up the
Ad for Oil & Metals Bank
L.C. Haynes, V.P.
Union Exchange Bank of Los Angeles, naming himself president. Within a year the bank had merged with a trust company to become the Oil & Metals Bank. A short biography on Lloyd indicated he dropped affiliation with the bank by 1913, as "he found that his private interests did not permit of him giving much time to banking, so he resigned his offices, and now devotes his time entirely to his own enterprises," which included the Modoc County Irrigation Co., and Beaver Gold Dredging Company, entities located in northeastern California, as well as the East Side Land & Water Company, which was involved in irrigation near Elko, Nevada. 

As for the bank, it did not seem to stir consumers, and by 1918 it had disappeared.

By 1920 the Hayneses had moved to 1303 N. New Hampshire. Son H. Lewis was still in the house and had formed a printing business, named logically the Haynes Corporation. In addition, Lloyd had formed a movie picture business. The census indicated that Lloyd is president of the "moving pictures" and H. Lewis is "superintendent, job printing".

In 1924 at age 62, death took Lloyd, and his remains were interred in Hollywood Mauseoleum.  Dora takes a vacation to Hawaii in 1928.  H. Lewis marries and keeps at his printing business, in the process writing two books which have lived on--one named Potential Printing Craftsmen.

And the house at 217 Pine?  It lasted until around 1938, when it was demolished to put up a two-story apartment building, which is there today.

217 Pine today
(courtesy of google maps)

Oh, when Hollywood joined Los Angeles, they changed the name and address of the street. If you know today's location, put in a comment....

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Lloyd's photo in 1910
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  1. Bradford,

    Your request is just the type of challenge I enjoy. Since the ca. 1908 photo indicates the type of slope just above Franklin Ave, using, I searched and voila! I believe the 1938 apartment building is located at 1815 El Cerrito Pl.

    The neighborhood west of Outpost Dr. certainly has changed. From charming turn-of-the-century homes to garden apartments... and today, the 1938 building is dwarfed by the apartments and condos built during the last half of the 20th century!

    I very much enjoy your blog... keep up the good work!


  2. Well done, CDR! No doubt the view has changed considerably since 1908. I imagine back then Mr. Haynes could look out his back door and see Wattles mansion and out his front a few years later and see Bernheimers' Yamashiro!


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