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Niles Pease -- 957 South Hoover

In 1910 Niles Pease (1838-1921) retired as President of the L.A. City Council, and retired to his handsome new home built for his family at 957 South Hoover.  When the census came by that year, all four daughters Grace, Jessie, Anne, and Florence, lived in the home with Niles and wife Cornelia.

It was finished just in time for the Peases to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, as announced in the Los Angeles Herald on March 25th. They stayed on this home through Niles' death in 1921. When Cornelia died in 1927, Grace took over responsibilities as head of the house.

The family had to move when they sold their old home at 719 So. Hill Street to the L.A. Express newspaper, who put up their new office building on the lot.

Born in Thompsonville, Conn., in 1838, Niles came to Los Angeles in 1884, after a successful retail business in Thompsonville, and immediately entered the furniture and carpet business just one month after his arrival. By 1897, he owned the Niles Pease Furniture Company in downtown Los Angeles, where he sold stuff like baby strollers--check out this 1900 model as seen in Out West Magazine in February of that year.

Here's a photo of the store ca. 1900 

Spring at 4th Streets (courtesy

Then in 1904, Niles set up a new company, Niles Pease Investments, involving his two sons Herbert and Sherman. In 1906 he sold the furniture business to them, which they moved to a new eight-story building in the 600 block of South Hill Street, and leased from the owner. If you guessed the owner was Niles Pease Investments--you would be correct.

Below is a photo of Niles and Cornelia in 1910, as printed in the L.A. Herald.

Niles and Cornelia Pease on their 50th Anniversary

The Pease Bros. furniture building at 640-646 S. Hill is still there today, but didn't hold a furniture business all that long. See this writeup on son Sherman Pease for details.

Daughter Grace continued to live in the house until her death in 1950.

957 South Hoover today (courtesy of

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